About the Pipers Club

The Armagh Pipers Club has been at the forefront of traditional music education since its foundation in 1966. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, Armagh Piper Club will have an exciting programme of events throughout the year. The pipers club have been fortune enough to receive heritage lottery funding. This has enabled us to make an online digital archive of the Armagh Pipers from 1966 to the present day.

Armagh Pipers Club Heritage Discovery


Musical footsteps: tracing the music of families on the journey of Armagh Pipers Club 

The project focuses on families and their musical contributions to the club. Looking to the past of the Pipers club in order to begin thinking about its future provides a unique approach to celebrating the story of APC in its 50th year. The project is youth-led with the aim to produce an online archive with associated outreach activities.

The project is structured so that a group of 12-15 young leaders will take responsibility for various phases. The intention is that while each individual will benefit from this experience the club will also benefit from an improved skill base in the future. The Young Leaders will work with each other and at certain points in the project they will be responsible for involving groups from the wider membership in their area of the project. 

Training will enable young members to carry out the project successfully. Training areas include: oral history interviewing techniques; oral history use of data; digital skills; logistics and project management; applied history; interpretative presentation and publication; and historically informed song.

The project has archive activities which include audio and video interviews with members and associated families, mapping the musical landscape of Ulster and the club; updating and improving the existing website for easy management of digital material; collating information to develop an online digital archive. 

The project also has outreach activities leading to a variety of outcomes including publications, interpretative presentations and outreach events and a Celebration Event to mark project completion.